Saturday, July 20, 2013

13. Making Money With Pricebenders Penny Auctions

With Pricebenders penny auctions, you could get a product for a steal. It is also great for buying gifts; your friends would love to get Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace? Well, they are lucky, because you can get it for a hamburger and coke. Check out the latest winners.
(By the way, wanna bet your friends will give you more expensive gift for your next birthday than they have planned?)

But, for the sake of this website's name, I must tell you how to earn with penny auctions, or, how to earn buying!

Everyone loves good deal. And the great thing about penny auctions is that you can get really hot and expensive products for next to nothing! And you can easily give people a good deal, don't you think? You can:

  • post your winnings on normal auctions website (like eBay);
  • sell your winnings to your acquaintances;
  • list your winnings on classifieds;
  • sell your winnings on TripleClicks itself;
  • use any other selling technique which works for you.

TripleClicks allows you to pay for your winning within 30 days; that is more than enough time to sell it first. After you've sold it, simply go to TripleClicks, pay your winning price and tell them to deliver it to your buyer directly. And don't forget to mention free shipping to your prospects! So, if you win Samsung Galaxy for $4.66 (check out the 07/19 winners), you can sell it for $250 or even more; that is a great deal for your customer and a healthy income for you!

If you need a new hobby, Pricebenders is perfect for you. It is funny and exciting, and it will pay a vacation for you and your family. But, do you know you can make living bidding?

If you want to do that, I strongly recommend you to buy 200 TCredits packs. Bidding with free TCredits is a great thing, but getting 200+ free TCredits is time consuming. And time = money. It doesn't mean you should forget about free TCredits, though. Free TCredits are good TCredits. Or, as Capt'n Jack Sparrow says: "Take what you can, give nothing back". Just keep in mind; in order to make living with penny auctions, you should start bidding now, and not in 2 months. How much do you value your 2 months?

Bidding on penny auctions is so-called "working from home" or "working online". And working from home has some great benefits:
  • flexible hours;
  • being able to wear what you want;
  • less distractions;
  • no wasting time in traffic jams;
  • people are generally more productive at their homes.

But, in spite of this, over 90% of people never make any money working online. And that ain't their fault! Internet is full of blogs and courses and gurus, but yet, no one says that:
  • with PTC websites (like Neobux, Clixsense and many others) you can earn only few cents per day, unless you have an army of referrals;
  • matrix and hyip websites are usually scams and they are illegal in some countries;
  • forex is a gamble, and the odds are not on your side;
  • Internet Marketing requires months of work before you actually start earning; no matter do you sell your own product or work as an affiliate.

Many people quit just days or weeks before making any money online. Because no one has ever told them

I am telling you now. PTC and Internet Marketing require big investments of time and money, and I would never recommend forex and  hyips. But, with Pricebenders penny auctions you can start earning after only 2 weeks, and it doesn't require big investments. I said 2 weeks, because I don't recommend you to start bidding without observing auctions first 2 weeks. Just don't overdo it! Education is important, and you should read about auctions as much as possible, and observe as many auctions as you feel, but you can't earn if you don't make an action! And that is another point where many people fail: they are prepared, educated, know what they should do, but never actually do that! You can't earn without action. And can't defeat your fears without it.

I can also guarantee you'll not win every auction. And if anyone tries to sell you course "how to win every single penny auction" or something like that, don't fall for it.

However, I gave you more than enough of knowledge to help you achieve 10 big winnings per month. 10 auctions which will cover all your costs and loses and earn you more money than "normal, office work". If you still doubt, just check the latest winners.

Happy bidding and have fun!

P.S. TripleClicks members are also awarded with 5 or 10 MRP per bid; no matter do they win or lose an auction. You can buy any product you like with MRP. You can buy TCredits and win an auction or you can buy product and sell it for cash. With Pricebenders, you can't lose.

P.P.S. There is no risk to sign up; it is free and you can check things out in detail before ever bidding!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget to read about basic steps!

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